We the Peoples, We the Arts: Award Ceremony

An international jury announced awards for the winners of an art competition on “zero hunger” at the residence of Swiss Ambassador in Islamabad. Tooba Ashraf (NCA Lahore) was declared winner in the ‘painting’ division. Haseeb Ullah Zafar (NCA Lahore) made the winning sculpture while Gina Gul (Karachi University) won the award for the miniature painting. The competition named ‘We the Peoples, We the Arts’ was organized by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Embassy of Switzerland in partnership with the United Nations Information Centre to highlight SDG #2 on “zero hunger” . For the competition, students from the National College of Arts Rawalpindi, Department of Art and Design at the University of Peshawar, National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, and the Department of Visual Studies at the University of Karachi were invited to develop sculptures, miniature paintings and paintings on the theme of “zero hunger” Sustainable Development Goal #2. A jury comprising Swiss and international art experts, the Embassy of Switzerland and the United Nations selected a winner for each category. A total of 64 art pieces were received for this competition out of which 23 were selection for the final exhibition, which aims to provide Pakistani students a unique opportunity to gain visibility at the international level.


Pakistani Youth for Climate Change: Gilgit Baltistan

Islamabad, 5 October 2016: Some 65 young people from Gilgit Baltistan participated in an interactive workshop on climate change organized by UNIC in collaboration with Australian Aid, Connect4Climate and the Aga Khan Foundation.

The primary purpose of the workshop was to raise awareness about climate change among the youth of Gilgit Baltistan, a region heavily affected by periodic floods, one of the effects of climate change. Continue reading

UNICEF Pakistan Representative Ms. Angela Kearney and Timothy Grieve, UNICEF’s Senior Advisor for Water and Sanitation and Hygiene in Emergencies, observe repair work of the Angarhoon water supply scheme rehabilitation supported by UNICEF in Angarhoon village, Chitral district, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan.

Down to the River

Driving around the corner on this sunny morning, I look down and see, squeezed between the steep cliff of a high mountain and the glistening river, a lovely little village. The bright green of its wheat fields, its colourful traditional houses and rose gardens make an enchanting contrast to the grey rock formations and pebbles.

As I walk down a narrow path into the centre of the hamlet called Bilphok, I think to myself what a blessing the proximity to the river must be. Old stone irrigation canals transport water rich in fertilising sediment to the fields; a beautiful water mill produces flour that feeds the villagers when made into chapati and the traditional Chitrali maize bread.

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PR Training

PR Training of UNCG Members

Effective communication work is crucial to the work of any development agency. To this end, UNIC Islamabad organized a ‘Writing for PR’ training for members of the UN Communications Group (UNCG) on 10-11 June 2016. The training was attended by UN Staff members and representatives from various embassies.

 The two-day training was conducted by Samuel Heath, Head of Communication, British High Commission. Rana Jawad, Bureau Chief, Geo Network, Michael Harker, Communications Specialist, US Embassy and Issam Ahmed from Agence France-Presse (AFP), also gave presentations on PR. Continue reading

NCA Lahore

We the People, We the Arts: Briefing Sessions in Lahore

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary in Pakistan, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has joined forces with UNIC Islamabad to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through visual arts.

Vittorio Cammarota, Director UNIC, and Stefanie Burri, Head of Cooperation SDC visited the National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore, to conduct a briefing session on the ‘We the People, We the Arts’ competition. Vittorio Cammarota briefed the students on the theme of zero hunger and the SDGs. Stefanie talked about the work of SDC in Pakistan and linkages between Swiss and Pakistani culture. Continue reading


We the People, We the Arts: Briefing Session at NCA Rawalpindi

On May 13, the UNIC team visited the National College of Arts (NCA), Rawalpindi, to brief students on the We the People, We the Arts Competition. This unique competition promotes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by engaging young visual artists in creating artwork that highlights the theme of zero hunger.

Vittorio Cammarota, Director UNIC, spoke to the students about the Sustainable Development Goals and specifically SDG 2:  Zero hunger. Stefanie Burri, the Director of Cooperation in Pakistan for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), spoke about the SDC’s work in Pakistan and the links between Swiss and Pakistani culture. Students also watched special messages on hunger in Pakistan by Patrick T. Evans, FAO Representative in Pakistan, and Lola Castro, WFP Representative and Country Director. Continue reading


Media Briefing on the Climate Change Agreement Signing Ceremony

To mark the first day that the Paris Agreement on Climate Change will be open for signing and to celebrate International Mother Earth Day, the Secretary-General invited world leaders and high-level officials to attend a special signing ceremony at UN Headquarters in New York.

The historic Paris Agreement, reached after years of negotiations, provides a pathway for countries to reduce emissions so that global temperature rise will be limited to well below 2 degrees Celsius. Continue reading